1.      Why should I go on Exchange?


·         New environment and culture

·         Different Education System

·         Professional Development

·         Personal Development

·         Opportunities to Travel

·         New language

·         New long-lasting relationships


2.      Do I have to have travel experience in order to go on Exchange?


No, you do not. You do, however, have to have an open mind and be willing to face new cultural challenges.


3.      Where can I go on Exchange?


All over the World. To learn about your options please visit our websites and offices.


4.      Where do I live when I go on Exchange?


Each partner institution is different. Some institutions have on-campus housing, others have homestay, and others will assist you in finding independent accommodations.


5.      What program do I have to be to go on exchange?


Exchange opportunities are offered across many programs.Please visit our offices to learn about your status.


6.      Can I go on Exchange to more than one university?


Yes, you can evaluate your options with more than one offices/units within the body of our YTU International Relations.


7.      How long can I go Exchange for?


Most students go on exchange for one semester but you can go for a full academic year depending on the institution.


8.      Are there risks involved in going on Exchange?


There are always risks involved with overseas travel. Students will be exposed to a new environment with risks that may be different to the risks faced by those staying in Turkey. Cultural differences and language barriers can be very challenging for students. Going on an exchange through YTU helps prepare students appropriately for their experience. Despite the support offered by YTU, students need to take the appropriate precautions in order to have a safe and successful trip.


9.      How much does the Exchange period cost?


The cost depends on the cost of living in the country that you are going to and what type of spender you are.


10.  Is there a fee to apply?


There is no application fee to apply for an exchange.