Residence Permit

Students studying at Yıldız Technical University for one semester or longer are obliged to obtain a residence permit as per Foreigners’ Protection and Immigration Laws of Turkish Republic. You will make your online Residence Permit application upon your arrival in Turkey. So, please do not make any online appointment/application prior to your arrival. You can review the official website of the Immigration Authority for further information about first time and renewal applications.



All applications are online and each student must complete the online appointment form when they are instructed to do so by our office.

You can find the checklist for student residence permit here.

All card recipients will be able to collect their documents following an email notification.


What can you do with your Residence Permit?

  1. Opening a bank account
  2. Registering the phones that are brought from abroad
  3. Getting an e-government code (e-devlet code) from the Post Office to log into e-devlet*
  4. Buying a blue-plated car
  5. Not having to get a visa every time you go abroad, during your stay in our country and travelling in/out multiple times with your valid passport and Residence Permit Card
  6. Getting a settlement document from the Civil Registry Office if needed
  7. Being able to make all the necessary payments such as charge, subscription etc.
  8. Being able to apply for a public transport card (IETT** in short) for students and Museum Cards
  9. Health insurance procedures
  10. Custom procedures